Priyam Global supports an evolving and replicable project model that is designed to 1) meet the immediate needs of mothers of children with disabilities in poverty in India, and 2) work together with families to develop their capacity for resilience and long-term wellbeing.

We focus on addressing immediate needs and cultivating the income-earning potential of mothers who are raising children with disabilities. We equip them to join the local job market, build a social network of support, and reclaim their lives from poverty.

In our one-year program, which is known in India as MAHLA (Mothers Access Health Livelihoods and Advocacy), each woman learns practical knowledge (health and nutrition, parenting, disability, rehabilitation, communication), develops income-generating skills (tailoring, jewelry, cooking, candle-making), and builds the confidence needed to diminish the effects of poverty in her life and for her children.

Our global community strives to create a world in which mothers of children with disabilities become leaders in their communities and role models for mothers of children with and without disabilities. A world in which every woman feels confident, capable, and valuable.

This is our vision.

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Priyam Global Initiative is ranked as a Top-Ranked Organization by GlobalGiving and received a site visit in India from a GlobalGiving representative in 2018; receives a percentage of purchases from Amazon as partner of AmazonSmile; and has achieved Silver on GuideStar.




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