be a visionary

A part of our community around the world gives automatic monthly donations that sustain, fund, and shape everything we do. We call them our visionaries. Most of our visionaries give $25 a month. Some give $100 monthly; others $15. All of them are the reason we are able to systematically end poverty for marginalized children with disabilities by investing in the women and men who raise them.

Every donation has built us into the movement we are today.


Where VISIONARY money goes:

  • Complete physical health assessment of each family and all necessary follow-up treatments
  • Job training and small business start-up funds
  • Depression screening and individual counseling for mothers
  • Social support groups and family day events
  • Transportation (bus tickets, auto fares) for the poorest and most isolated mothers to reach trainings and events
  • Parenting and health classes shaped by latest global health recommendations and parents’ specific requests
  • Special programming for children with disabilities: special education, occupational and speech therapy, toys to take home, nutrition supplements, etc.


will you be our next visionary?

Set up a recurring monthly donation today
& help change the world for children affected disabilities

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