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We work in the world's most resource-poor communities to ensure that children with disabilities—and their families—are reached in global health efforts.

At Priyam Global in India, we run a women’s empowerment program for mothers in extreme poverty who are raising a child with disabilities. These mothers are least likely to have a support network and most likely to place their child in an orphanage.


A mother in India who is raising a child with a disability, such as autism or cerebral palsy, lives in stigma and isolation. In addition to flexible skills training and education, she will need an initial phase of extensive support and mentorship to offset years of isolation, anxiety and depression, and poor healthcare.

this is our specialty.


360º one year program


india's hidden children

At least 12 million children in India are affected by disabilities ranging from physical to developmental, such as cerebral palsy and autism. More than 80% live in India's poorest communities, where they are stigmatized and excluded from society. Only 1% has access to education. The majority will spend their entire lives at home and rarely go outside.



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The majority of Priyam Global's work is funded by regular people around the world who partner with us by investing anything between $15 and $100 per month. We call them our visionaries. They are our advocates and the reason we are able to commit to 12 months of continuous programming for each cohort of women and children.

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