Every nonprofit is the sum of the people who invest their time, talents, and heart and we are no exception.

In the Priyam Global offices, we refer to our community of donors as our investors. When anyone in our community donates, they are investing in the the inherent dignity and potential of women and children marginalized by poverty and disability.

Our community is the future of our work.

Priyam's team in India supports mothers of special needs children as they rise above poverty. Our community cheers them on and invests capital so they can succeed.

our investors are our partners.

If you can allocate the price of a nice lunch once a month to Priyam Global, you will be making a difference for a mother as she works to end poverty for her family. You could give more, or less. Whether or not today is your day to take the leap and join our community as our newest investor, go find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and say hello!


2 days of job training for 20 mothers


30 days of grant support for 1 mother
for immediate needs & savings account

$100/month sponsors
365 days of programming for 1 mother


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