Our tribe: Vol. 4

As part of our birthday campaign, we called up a few of the people who have gone above and beyond to make Priyam Global into the organization it is today.  From the beginning, the donations and support of our VIPs have helped us solve an urgent problem: children affected by disability in India are living in extreme poverty and very few people know about it. Our VIP investors are changing that.

Today we are featuring four investors: Stef, Rachel, Lily, and Lenita. We gave each of them the same little personality quiz: their favorite food, favorite places to travel, book they're currently reading, advice they'd give to anyone younger than them, why they think Priyam's work matters, and whether they'd rather visit space, Antarctica, or the depths of the sea.

Here's what they said.

Stef Etow | San Francisco, California

Name Stef Etow
Occupation Co-founder and CEO of Mumsy App
Age 28
Location San Francisco
Favorite food Rice is my favorite food on earth.
Favorite place you've traveled. My favorite place that I’ve traveled? Everywhere. The El Camino, hiking with my sister, Rome when I was living there... and I freaking love New York.
Book you’re currently reading The Book by Alan Watts
What advice would you give to people who are younger than you? Engage with your passion. People always say to be involved in different activities, whether you’re in high school or college or different points in your life, but what they don’t tell you is to be involved in things that you love. And that if it doesn’t already exist, then create it. I guess that’s something that no one ever told me.
What is something you like about Priyam? Everything. Number one, the founder. I think when I’m drawn to a brand or a cause or an organization, usually what distinguishes that for me is the voice. That’s usually what makes a huge difference for me. I would say Priyam’s voice is down to earth yet distinguished, confident yet humble, passionate and purposeful.
Why do you think Priyam’s work matters?

I think the work matters because you have it right, in that you have a big vision, and yes, you do want to change the world. That’s a fact. But the way you want to change the world is in such a realistic way. It’s not going out blindly to change the whole world. The world is made up of individual lives. Those of us who become involved, we’re also individual lives. So you’re touching the world through touching individual lives. Those of us who are investors, whether monetary investors or emotional supporters in some way, you’re touching our lives, and all of the people who are in the program, and the children—you’re touching their lives too. I think that’s really powerful. I think it’s more powerful to make an impact on individual lives rather than to throw a net over a whole a region. I think you are making an impact.

Would you rather go to space, visit Antarctica, or go deep sea diving? (and why?) Deep sea diving. I wouldn’t want to go to space. I love being surrounded by life. If I’m going to go somewhere extreme, in my mind that extreme is surrounded by new life. I’d be surrounded by new things in space, but not necessarily new life.

Rachel Klein | Indianapolis, Indiana

Name Rachel Klein
Occupation CEO and Founder of Revival Food Company
Age 26
Location Indianapolis, Indiana
Favorite food Almond butter. It really is. I eat it every day.
Favorite place you've traveled New Zealand
Book you’re currently reading I’m reading three books. Bringing Up Baby, Voice in the Wind, and Good Food, Great Business
What advice would you give to people who are younger than you? Anything is possible. When I was growing up I dreamed a lot of what I could possibly be, but I didn’t think any of that was actually realistic. So I never developed those skills and I had to learn them later. You have no idea what life is going to bring. You have no idea what you might actually do with your career. Never in a million years would I ever think I’d have an almond butter company. I can have a beautiful, missional job that allows me to interact with people and allows me to have a flexible schedule and get creative and it happens to be making almond butter. Don’t put yourself in a box. Be open to possibility.
What is something you like about Priyam? One of the things I love most is the fact that you are on the ground level and that your focus is on the holistic person and the holistic problems. What sets you apart is that you’re not just getting money and throwing it at the problem, but you're asking what are the supporting things we can put our focus on to prevent this problem from happening. Like, what kind of support do these children really need? It’s more than a band-aid it’s actually getting at it from the ground floor. That’s how change really happens.
Why do you think Priyam’s work matters?

Because people matter. All people matter. It’s not just the children, it’s also the ones that are taking care of them. In order for those kids to do well, the caretakers need to be well.

Would you rather go to space, visit Antarctica, or go deep sea diving? (and why?) Definitely not deep sea diving because I’m afraid of sharks. Although I would love to just be on the beach in Hawaii. I would probably say Antarctica because even though it’s so cold I’m sure there’s equipment that can keep me super warm and I like the idea of all that open space.

Lenita and Lily Randolph | Fort St. John & Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Name Lenita Randolph and Lily Randolph
Occupation Lenita: Elementary school teacher; Lily: Artist/Nutritionist Studies
Age Lenita: 22; Lily: 19
Location Fort Saint John, BC Canada; Lily: Langley, BC Canada
Favorite food Lenita: Pasta and fresh veggies;  Lily:  Mangoes
Favorite place you've traveled Lenita: Colombia; Lily: Redwoods, California
Book you're currently reading Lenita: Unfinished Tales by J. R. R. Tolkien; Lily: Roughing It by Mark Twain
What advice would you give to people who are younger than you? You always have something to be thankful for. Vocalize it! —Lenita
Don't give up. Just keep going and persevere. —Lily
What is something you like about Priyam? 

I love that there is a focus on caring for the caregivers as well as the children with special needs. This is so important, and it is an incredible ministry of love. —Lenita
I like being a part of the Priyam Tribe because I feel included in changing the lives of others.  Even though I am far away from India, in some way I know am helping families and children in need. —Lily

Why do you think Priyam's work matters? Lenita: Priyam is an excellent example of the direct, right way, to help people through this type of organisation. They are open and clear, and they value personal connection. The attention they bring to the special needs demographic in India is vital. 
Lily: Priyam invests time and resources so respectfully back into India's culture. Their heart to give is precious, and their genuine desire to help special needs children is making a difference. 
Would you rather go to space, visit Antartica, or go deep sea diving and why? Lenita: Deep sea diving. Because I am scared of outer space, and I love exploring nature. 
Lily: Space. Because I would love to look from a spaceship back toward Earth and really see how small we are and how big the universe is.  

Thank you so much to everyone who has invested in us since Priyam began in 2014.


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