A day in the life of a rescued child

Jacqueline was found abandoned in the city as a two month old baby.

The first chapter of her life is heartbreaking, but common: a child is born in India with a disability, malformation, or special medical need. Her parents, minimally educated, intermittently employed, living in extreme poverty and facing the prospect of being shunned by friends and family, leave their baby on a busy street, hoping fate will be kind.

There isn't always a happy ending. But for the lucky ones, like Jacqueline, there's a big home at the edge of the city painted sky blue. Prema Vasam Children's Home.

It's a big building filled with tiny children with big smiling eyes, and women who carry them with big hearts and strong arms. And for Jacqueline, there's Rani: a woman with a quiet, dedicated spirit who has worked as a caregiver for three years. Very few will take the job as a caregiver—there are other jobs elsewhere that are easier. Plus, in India, there's the stigma that comes with children who have disabilities. But Rani does not care.

Rani adores Jacqueline. And this is where the second chapter of Jacqueline's life becomes hopeful, and uncommon: a child with Down Syndrome, born into a culture that actively shuns disability, abandoned in a city of 4 million people, finds a heart who loves her. 

Rani never gets recognition for her dedicated and tireless work. There is no Mother's Day for orphanage caregivers. And Jacqueline will live her life in that sky blue building, her happy little self hidden from a world that's forgotten her.

Unless we change things.

We're about to do just that, and we hope you'll join us.

Stay tuned for the big reveal of our new program on Friday!

Rani & Jacqueline

Rani & Jacqueline

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