What's one thing that 150 million children need?

If you combined the population of Canada with the populations of Afghanistan, Australia, Kenya, Botswana, Bolivia, and Mongolia, that would be 150 million people. That would also be the number of children worldwide who have a disability.

In 2008, the World Health Organization reported that the health and protection of children with disabilities is one of the most neglected causes in international development.

Today, not much has changed.

The lack of attention given to childhood disability in developing countries results in minimal, disjointed, and underfunded efforts to protect child rights & promote early intervention. 

A child with disabilities is up to 4x more likely to be abused, neglected, exploited, abandoned, or institutionalized. Carers of these children receive little support from the global community but the burden of long-term care is immense and isolating. Community organizations operate at constant under-capacity and under-funding.

In addition to all of this, a significant portion of childhood disability in developing countries is preventable through proper maternal and child health practices. Children who could be born healthy are not; children who are born with disabilities could be cared for in a way that halts worsening of a disability, but services for prevention, early intervention, or family support in most poor communities do not exist. 

Children with disabilities need a coordinated partnership to serve them unwaveringly, visibly, and positively— transforming their lives from hidden to valued. This is our purpose.

Our mission is investing in children with disabilities in developing countries and working to end preventable childhood disability.

We are confident and full of hope that the future holds great things and that we play a valuable role in creating change for children worldwide.

You can get involved in several ways: email this post to one friend, link to this post on your Facebook, or donate to fund our projects. This is a huge issue, but the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity to make a difference, right?

Priyam Global is an international child development agency catalyzing change for children with disabilities in developing countries through a successful collaborative approach. We are a federally recognized nonprofit registered in 2014 to address the gap in international development and poverty alleviation efforts for this significant and valuable child population— 150 million worldwide (UNICEF), 80% in developing countries (WHO).

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