We are a movement.

We focus on meeting immediate health needs and cultivating the economic potential of mothers who are raising children with disabilities. We equip them to join the local job market, build a social network of support, and reclaim their lives from poverty.


We impact the lives of the children, mothers, fathers, and community members we collaborate with as we work to change perceptions of the value of lives in poverty. We impact the people who join us, support us, buy our products, and become a part of our story. Our hope is that every life we touch, we leave better than we found it.


A world where every child is
healthy, safe, valued, and loved.


To end poverty for children with disabilities by supporting, equipping, and investing in their mothers.

commitment to collaboration

We catalyze positive change for children with disabilities in developing countries. Lasting and sustainable change can only be created in the context of shared passion, resources, and vision. To this aim, we partner with community organizations directly serving children affected by disability, and work alongside their efforts. We expand possibilities and increase local impact while transforming global views of disability.


SO1. Alleviate poverty for children with disabilities by supporting their parents

SO2. Improve quality of life for children with disabilities who are living in poverty

SO3. Raise global awareness of childhood disability in developing countries


our roots

During a university summer break in 2009, Priyam Global founder and CEO Michaela Cisney volunteered with Prema Vasam Children’s Home, an integrated home for children with disabilities, normally-developing children, and high school girls in Chennai, India. Six weeks of carrying, feeding, and spending time with children affected by severe developmental disability was Michaela's first exposure to the extreme poverty and exclusion faced by children with disabilities in developing countries. Shortly after that experience, Michaela emailed the staff of Prema Vasam to begin what would become a four year quest in understanding why this happens, why no one pays attention, why it is so difficult to find reliable data on childhood disability and poverty, and why efforts to serve these children are primarily limited to medical rather than holistic or preventive needs. Priyam Global continues to maintain a strong relationship with Prema Vasam and is deeply indebted to the home for providing a hand’s on, close-up perspective of the beauty and value that these incredible children contribute to the world every day.