How we work

Intro Title one

Our program is a “gently intensive” program that runs for one year. Typically it is based on our working closely with a community service provider such as a special education school or rehabilitation center. Mothers commit to learning in areas of health and wellness, practicing what they learn, being open to giving and receiving support, and focusing on developing a marketable skill to support a small enterprise (group or individual) after they graduate.

essential program components

  • Psychosocial support and mental health
  • Maternal and child physical health
  • Parenting and child protection
  • Health and hygiene for family wellbeing
  • Livelihoods and sustainable income
  • Community inclusion


It is our ambitious goal to become the world leading expert on developing comprehensive programs for mothers of children with disabilities in poverty that successfully bring women together to access essential care for themselves and their children, create safe spaces in which to express themselves and receive support, and develop their own approaches to earning sustainable livelihoods for their families.

Our approach is designed for use in low-income urban communities in southern India.