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When a mother is strong, so is her community.


Priyam Global an evolving project and replicable program model that is designed to meet the immediate needs of mothers*of children with disabilities in poverty, and work together with them to develop their capacity for resilience and long-term family wellbeing.


“My boy is autistic and when I found out, I was so depressed. Being a part of this project helped to improve my skills and gave me confidence to move on.”

—a mother


Ven diagram of job training / group education and support / counseling


A text sentence

—a mother


Our process

Our program is based on years of ongoing consultations with mothers of children with disabilities in poverty. Mothers consistently outline their needs and their ideas for solutions to those needs. These can be formed into four broad categories: need for education about childhood disability and health, need for money to offset the increased financial burden of rehabilitation and transportation, need for social support to offset the results of living in stigmatizing communities and cultures, and need for community inclusion when family members and neighbors isolate them or their child.

A mother in India who is raising a child with a disability, such as autism or cerebral palsy, lives in stigma and isolation. In addition to flexible skills training and education, she will need an initial phase of extensive support and mentorship to offset years of isolation, anxiety and depression, and poor healthcare.

This is our specialty.


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